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Welcome back me!

You might have been wondering what I was doing in the past 3 months. Here's the answer right here: I was developing my own Minecraft server :). The link points to my Discord server where you can talk about how cool my server is. Btw I watched Looney Tunes...
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Guys... sorry for not posting...

...for a really long time...

But anyways, back now. My internet recently got as laggy as 0.1KB/s (omg) and I could NOT post a thing with that internet speed. Like I told you, I'm back now, it's all fine (about 1-2MB/s now). Expect a lot of posts now! Subscribe! Add me as a friend on Hypixel! Do stuff that are... nvm...


The most obvious and stupidest hack I've ever seen, some sort of reach hack, but he's gonna get banned, reported him in :)


This dude can't be hit... for some reason... Hope he gets banned :P


The Noobiness INTENSIFIES (Not me, the hacker)

Begineers guide to meme creation

Ever seen a meme? The first question we must ask yourself is what is a damn meme?. To put it as simple as possible (Not sure what the possibilities are), a meme looks like this hilarious picture of a hideous goat:

You've gotta admit, this IS funny. So that's basically what a meme is. A picture to make you laugh, in most cases, a picture of a famous guy modified to make it funny, for example, this goat is showing it's teeth. So let's get started to create memes! The requirements are: A Windows 10 device (Optional, but highly recommended)Skype for PC/Mac or Skype Preview (Skype Preview is only available for Windows 10, but by now, it might not have the word 'Preview' anymore)The courage to chat with a BOT (A bot is not a real human, it's just a robot) (Not really a robot, it's software)Now let's start creating memes! As I said, Windows 10 is highly recommended and it comes packed with Skype Preview. Skype Preview's not supported in any other OS besi…