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5 ways to transform from noob to pro in Minecraft :)


1. Start ACTING like a pro
This is the easiest part, and is best performed in a server with many players. Keep a lookout in the chat for a message similar to 'Help me, I'm new to Minecraft!' or 'How to play factions?' and then take your chance...
2. Getting diamonds
What will the newbies think of you if you don't have proper diamond armor? So this step is a must... The easiest way of getting diamonds I know is either cheating by x-raying OR strip-mining (legal). The legal way is more fun, because, like all games, cheating ruins the fun...
3. Plenty of XP is what you need
Some newbies judge you by your enchants. The enchantments on your armor make you look like a God because their shiny xD. It's best to get much XP as you can to get good enchants. If you find a dungeon with a spawner, do NOT break the spawner, instead build a stone structure around it designed so that you can kill the mobs w…

3 recommended games for Windows 10

You might have wanted a list of recommended games just because your bored of searching in the Windows Store and unable to find a good game. Let's see these babies:
Minecraft: Windows 10 EditionRobloxKing of ThievesMinecraft: Windows 10 Edition THIS IS A HIGHLY ADDICTIVE GAME! WARNING, IT MIGHT BURN UR EYES OFF... PROCEED WITH CAUTION AND ENSURE THAT YOU ARE A HUMAN AND IS AGED 1+ (we haven't tested an alien's reaction on this game..)
Minecraft is a game about breaking and placing blocks. It might look boring on the screenshots, but as you wouldn't judge a book by it's cover (Extract from Megamind), the same goes for games. Everything is blocky in this game. We create our OWN world, and play inside it. The game's all about survival, although a 'creative' mode is there which is BORING because creative mode gives you all the game's items for free, and that's what makes it boring. In survival, you survive... You get wood, build a house, make a wooden p…

3 tips for your Windows 10 device

Have a Windows 10 device like me? Want some 'pro' tips from me? READ ON:

1. After using your headphones, be sure to remove them
It was very annoying every time I couldn't hear my alarm go off, just because I forgot to remove the headphones before going to take a nap or studying. This will help you a lot if you're clumsy like me ;p
2. Install a non-boring game so that you won't ever get bored
For instance, Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition, is in the Windows Store for about $9, but will soon rise to $26 if you don't buy it soon. But for me, I have a Minecraft PC/Mac premium account, so I got Windows 10 Edition for free :). But seriously, this is a fun game if you're new to this stuff. If you can't afford stuff (like how I used to be when I was 13), then just install Minecraft cracked. The cracked version of Minecraft is ONLY for PC/Mac (Never try to hack Windows Store) and cannot join servers like Hypixel, only cracked servers like ExtremeCraft (IP: play.extreme…