3 tips for your Windows 10 device

Have a Windows 10 device like me? Want some 'pro' tips from me? READ ON:

1. After using your headphones, be sure to remove them

It was very annoying every time I couldn't hear my alarm go off, just because I forgot to remove the headphones before going to take a nap or studying. This will help you a lot if you're clumsy like me ;p

2. Install a non-boring game so that you won't ever get bored

For instance, Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition, is in the Windows Store for about $9, but will soon rise to $26 if you don't buy it soon. But for me, I have a Minecraft PC/Mac premium account, so I got Windows 10 Edition for free :). But seriously, this is a fun game if you're new to this stuff. If you can't afford stuff (like how I used to be when I was 13), then just install Minecraft cracked. The cracked version of Minecraft is ONLY for PC/Mac (Never try to hack Windows Store) and cannot join servers like Hypixel, only cracked servers like ExtremeCraft (IP: play.extremecraft.net).

3. If you can, leave your device turned on overnight

This will help Windows Update a lot because it only restarts when not in active hours (10PM to 5AM I think). Also, some ISPs divide their bandwidth into daytime and nighttime. You can take advantage of the nighttime bandwidth by allowing Windows Update to do it's downloading in the night :). Just put your connection on metered until it's 12AM...

Feel free to contact me!

- NehMan Almighty
Minecraft Username: iNehMan
Xbox Gamertag: NehManAlmighty


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