5 ways to transform from noob to pro in Minecraft :)


1. Start ACTING like a pro

This is the easiest part, and is best performed in a server with many players. Keep a lookout in the chat for a message similar to 'Help me, I'm new to Minecraft!' or 'How to play factions?' and then take your chance...

2. Getting diamonds

What will the newbies think of you if you don't have proper diamond armor? So this step is a must... The easiest way of getting diamonds I know is either cheating by x-raying OR strip-mining (legal). The legal way is more fun, because, like all games, cheating ruins the fun...

3. Plenty of XP is what you need

Some newbies judge you by your enchants. The enchantments on your armor make you look like a God because their shiny xD. It's best to get much XP as you can to get good enchants. If you find a dungeon with a spawner, do NOT break the spawner, instead build a stone structure around it designed so that you can kill the mobs when they spawn, but they can't hit you back...

4. Farming

Farms make you OP. Crops, crops, crops. You can grow Wheat, breed cows and chickens (Like yourself) and also start making villages to trade in. Making large villages = Iron Golems spawn...

5. Good skin

Most of the newbies judge you by your skin. You gotta make it AMAZING... Like my skin xD

PS: I didn't put a lot of stuff in this post, because I'm going to be late for school (It's 6:11AM and school starts on 8AM)

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- NehMan Almighty
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