Begineers guide to meme creation

Ever seen a meme? The first question we must ask yourself is what is a damn meme?. To put it as simple as possible (Not sure what the possibilities are), a meme looks like this hilarious picture of a hideous goat:

You've gotta admit, this IS funny. So that's basically what a meme is. A picture to make you laugh, in most cases, a picture of a famous guy modified to make it funny, for example, this goat is showing it's teeth. So let's get started to create memes! The requirements are:
  1. A Windows 10 device (Optional, but highly recommended)
  2. Skype for PC/Mac or Skype Preview (Skype Preview is only available for Windows 10, but by now, it might not have the word 'Preview' anymore)
  3. The courage to chat with a BOT (A bot is not a real human, it's just a robot) (Not really a robot, it's software)
Now let's start creating memes! As I said, Windows 10 is highly recommended and it comes packed with Skype Preview. Skype Preview's not supported in any other OS besides Windows 10. In this tutorial, we're using Skype Preview and ONLY Skype Preview because 1) I don't have Skype for PC and am too lazy to download it AND 2) I hate other OS's, and I'm trying to force you into using Windows 10. You can get a free upgrade to Windows 10 IF and ONLY IF you have a fully activated Windows 7 or 8 or 8.1. Download the upgrade tool here. If you don't have a Windows 10 license key, then you're damn lucky that it's cheap, so get a license from here :)

Now back to meme creation, follow the steps to add a super-friendly bot which calls itself 'MemeBot' on skype. This bot will help you to create memes:
  1. Open Skype Preview
  2. Click the button that looks like: 
  3. You will see the following screen (This might vary across different Skype Preview versions):
  4. Search for the bot named 'MemeBot' in the Search Bots textbox:
  5. Add the bot to your contact list and follow the instructions if you're smart enough :)
PS: It's written in English, so hope you understand that!

Feel free to contact me!

- NehMan Almighty
Minecraft Username: iNehMan
Xbox Gamertag: NehManAlmighty


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